I should stop wishing and start acting.


1:44 am

I should be sleeping. I feel uninspired all of a sudden. I am going to draw. night.


another XMAS post

Well, Xmas was great, I got sweet presents and spent time with my family and some of my favorite girls, Marissa and Carolina.
I'm amazed that this is my 5th Christmas here in Texas, time sure goes by fast.
Now some photobooth pics, because photobooth is addicting.


Pissed at Yosemite

Advertising Water.


and... The Tree.

my little sister isn't so little anymore :(!

finally, one of my awesome presents, hahaha. Now I am officially blingin'

aight, latress!


Merry Xmas

Hope everyone got sweeeet presents and had fun. Next in line, NEW YEARS! WOOoOo



Well, I just did the weirdest thing, Aneela got scared. I was speaking and my voice just went crazy. We went to the park and chillled then came back and chilled and read about tree man. ewww I dont like the tree man says aneela.....ahhh i have to go home. Aneela is now gone and I am sad. :(. Well, maybe tonight I'm going to the movies. Here are some pics of aneela and me. My camera has been dormant for a while.
I was enjoying the grass, then bugs started crawling on me.
& some lovely Fungus.


Waste of a good morning

I just woke up, like 15 minutes ago. I brushed my teeth and stuff, realized its freaking 1:08pm already, what a waste of a morning. ugh. Sleep sucks/it is so good. I also want to express my love for this great picture I ffffound a little while ago. WhAt A cOol site. If anyone can invite me please do. Robert has a blog devoted for the cause. Please, share the wealth. We'll see how the rest of my day unfolds.


Almost There...

I got a second chance. I will be done with everything by FRIDAY, I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY ROLLS AROUND. LET'S PARTY.

We can start to party now because I have a whole semester left. IT'S INCREDIBLE. UNREAL. I cannot believe it.


My Brain

I am relaxing now. I do not understand why I can write in a blog, but not write an essay. Well obviously an essay is much more complex than this stupid blog. But do you know what I mean? Some people can write essays quick and easy, its natural to them. It took me 8 HOURS to write an essay on marriage, so ridiculous. I wish the words poured out of my head, eloquent words. I am certainly going to fail English. I just had to give up, because I have another 4 classes to worry about passing. I might just write one more essay for English, depends. I have to turn in 3 papers by 3pm today. I studied for my philosophy final, I think I did well on the last two questions and I completely brain farted on the first question. I hope I passed. *screams*






Picture courtesy of William Zolandz


Back to Reality

This past week was pretty darn great, BUT now I am back in Lameville. I think I'm just going to hate finals. Well, Guatemala was real fun. I learned a whole lot in the church congress deal "Hechos 29".I need to put the things I learned in practice as soon as I finish typing this entry.haha. I hardly slept, no naps for meee. Guatemala is so beautiful. I got to hang out with my cousins, Joel, his sister and their friends. I think my parents and I are going back this summer, to celebrate amys birthday over there. But I g2g now. Later.
On Dec. 7 they burn the devil. lol.


Oatmeal Blues

I'm updating while eating bean burritos from the cafeteria, which are surprisingly kind of good!!!!!! I'm not done with all my homework. I think I'm becoming a little more like King Lear as this semester comes to an end. I am on the verge of insanity. I complain so much, but I can't help it. I must vent in someway. On a lighter note, I got in trouble in philosophy class this morning. I was finishing up my oatmeal whenever my professor began lecturing. It was going to be a quick 3 spoonfuls of nice room temperature oatmeal. I was on my second one when he said "Am I interrupting your breakfast?" I said, "no, i'm really sorry, i'm done." I guess I was. I don't know why he got so mad.People bring in drinks and shakes all the time. All of my other teachers don't mind if you bring un-noisy food, they said so in the beginning of the semester. Oatmeal makes no noise or anything. I think the slurpy noises of drinks can be equally as annoying. Well, then a girl walks in late. He asks her if she brought her breakfast with her, and she replied "no?". I felt so bad. :(. After that, my CELL PHONE rings, interrupting my teacher once more. It was the cherry on top of a good morning. I can't wait till I am on the airplane tomorrow night; escaping all this bullshit at least temporarily. *cries*