No tip

I hate not having enough money for a tip when you think you do. I guess I'm really bad at math, i didn't calculate right, I suck. Today was good, My best bud Robert came fron NY yesterday, i was really exited, i miss people to much, he's awsome. Today was really good except i missed ryan and chris, i heard they went tubing, saw Truman Show, really good movie. and i need to study for the thea, its tuesday!, at least review a bit, when I cram it helps so I guess ill do some of that. Ahhhhh tiredness is taking over my body. I have to sleep or something.



Seems like my updates are getting crappier as each week goes by. Im tired of getting my hopes up, then nothing much ever happens. Apparently being 18 means nothing to no one, trying to behave good and responsible is worthless. I'm tired of everything. I hope this never happens again. Now, I know never to expect anything from parents, It seems that the harder you try, the more they expect from you and the more they want from you.


Lost Moth

I'm a tad worried, there was a moth flying in my room and i wacked it with a towel and didnt see it anymore, so i was convinced it was either on my bed or on the towel, then i looked at my bed it wasnt there, checked the towel it wasnt there, i looked everywhere in my room, the door of my room was closed, so was my closet, so it couldn't have flown out. i never saw the moth again... where is it, who knows. i checked everywhere. i guess im going to find it just laying around dead one of these days, kinda like when i found that dead wasp under my desk. eh.
look more pictures! carolina if you want it, because sending it to you was a failure last night. i like your phone. ok. later