Christmas 2006

Well, Christmas was pretty sweet, i got all the presents I wanted, and had fun, Played loteria with my family, there was about 15 dollars in the jackpot haha, but i lost every damn time we played. and also, thanks guys for coming over for a bit, it was real great. I also went to the movies today with all the peeps and saw Pursuit of Happiness, which was real sad, but nice. I'll leave you guys with a few pictures of Christmas Eve, and some short descriptions under each one.

this one is not of christmas eve, but my sister is so cute.

amy again opening a present

the mazariegos christmas tree

haha, my mom suprised carolina while i was taking the pic.

carolina again chillin on my bed
Tara caught me laughing

kevin and carolina making some silly faces.

well, thats all, I wish everyone had a merry christmas and had extra fun. love you all. laterrr