pretty ok. I need to finish this still life i have to turn in tommorow, i havent even started. Took pics of zak's band, I also went to the auto show, it was good. I couldn't take any decent pics, there was so many people, car pictures aren't really interesting, but their colors and stuff show up pretty cool. here's the one and only pic i took of a car, a 2008 chevy camaro. I had to crop it cause it had a man's elbow in the way, i should have taken some more, even with all the people, but oh well.


New layout

Well, my old layout messed up, and it was real old anyways, so I changed it to this one I found. I wish I could make one completely from scratch, but that would take ages. I'll comeback later on, and tweak it up, and stuff. Tonight is a quiet Friday. Tommorow I hope its real cold in the morning, so I dont have to wash my car. -Later



well, I was somewhat suprised, of this mini ice storm we had.
my mail box, haha

I didn't think we would get anything at all. Kinda lame for updating about ice, but It dosent happen often here and school was also cancelled, pretty cool, so I just sat around and stuff. Up north they got it bad, I like bad weather, i'm kinda sad It didnt happen here. It was the coldest time of this winter so far, I haven't experienced anything colder this year, unlike my fellow friends who endured 12 degree weather in santa fe. Tommorow is school again, I dont have a math book, so i cant do my math homework, meh. man, this was a pointless update, later.


jan 07

I'ts been great, I cant wait to see what this new year has to bring. I should change my banner ^ but not yet I havent come up with anything good. I should leave santa up there till next year. Christmas should be celebrated all 365 days. haha. Carolina is leaving, and i really dont want her too :( ill miss her so much. Tommorow i want to go watch a movie downtown. but I dont know who can take me :-\. maybe next week. I got 33 bucks from change today, lol coinstar is good. well, if you want to see pictures of the things ive done lately, go to my flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/greengalosh I'm to lazy today to post anything here.
we'll , later.