Lame update

Summer's been here for a week and 2 days already. so far its been pretty good. It began with Schittlerbaun being closed, and that was really depressing, and still is. Hopefully we can go soon, and im ready for that San Antonio trip, and hopefully many other events. But i havent seen a couple of my friends for a while, i hope i get to see them sometime soon. Lately it seems nearly impossible to get everyone together, it needs to change. My Supersmash skills are real lame, and ive never seen a boy eat so much. Ryan is a machine. what else... oh yea go here
for a little surprise.
yea thats about it. later


The worst week ever

I don't like complaining much, but this was probably the worst week ive ever had. Everything went wrong, school, personal, parents, and the death of a student at our school. couldn't get any better. i blame myself for causing half of the shit ive undergone this week, its really gay. I can't wait till graduation. I cant wait to leave highschool.I can't wait till i feel a bit better. I want to move out of state sometimes.I dont even know why im typing this entry. like anyone cares? no one reads this anyways. so whatever. But I'll keep typing, i went to the Zach Jones candelight vigil, it was real damn sad. I'ts crazy how life can be taken from such a young person. Marissa was extra sad... I hope she feels better now. but It hits you, I'm thinking,
all these fucking problems, things you get mad at, that make your life bitter, arent worth it. your life is so damn short. sometimes we think were invincible and that nothing will ever happen to us. but thats a lie. our life can be swiped away in any second, and millions die each day around the world. you dont know when your time will come, but i sure know i want to live my life happy and with purpose.
I'll try my best how ever long God gives me to live on this earth.

I do hope everyone feels better. this week hasnt been easy for anyone. I love everybody, i just hope they know.

well, imma go listen to the coconut grove ambassadors now...



what have i done