wait wait wait...

Let me divulge all of my aimless feelings and secrets on here. READY SET GO!
hehehe. I already got one of them down.


I feel like throwing up.

Twelve days after my last update, absolutely nothing exiting has occurred. Except this

Also, I have to go to a Banana Republic interview in 30 minutes. I'm not being optimistic, just because today I don't feel like it. Who knows if I will get the job.
Students on Saving.... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
The interview was alright, I have a second one on monday, then I will know...dun dun dun.... I still feel gross.
*I'm actually optimistic.*


What is Unknown

I just saw "Hannah Montana: The Movie" trailer on disney channel, and I am bewildered. It is so weird to see the Hannah Montana cast filmed with superior cameras and outside of a studio... I don't like it. I'm not too crazy about the show anyways. Cute and campy certainly get old when you watch marathons of it with your sister.
I should get sick, everyone else is sick, I want to fit in. Why is it so warm outside? I'm really sleepy while typing this ohhh my...*yawns* There's a few things I have to remember. I have to make it a habit to pinch my nose and check if I am dreaming. If I do it on a regular basis my brain will be trained so whenever I AM dreaming, my habit will kick in and I can pinch my nose and realize I am, and then have a lucid dream. Oh the joy I will feel when I finally have one.
It'd be cool to go here
I would deviate from the tour and sit on top of stairs that lead to nowhere, then sulk about my life and how it parallels those stairs. I will open a door that leads to nowhere and think how nothing leads to certainty. Haha what a depressing rant!! In all seriousness though, I would like to go see that oddity of a house.
I love the fact that for every choice you make, there are an infinite of choices you did not make.
Broken Social scene this past monday was so good, I enjoyed every second of it. It was a longgg show. My feet felt the time, but otherwise it was amazing. I miss a boy. Well goodnight I am very very sleepy.



photo courtesy of Robert Moses.

Tread on Rocks

This past week my heart galloped incessantly like a horse going thirty seven miles an hour. The former one hundred and sixty eight hours of my life consisted of "I Don't Know/ WTF is going on/ :D/ sing sing/ drive drive". I liked it, though I feel like there is some slight hostility from certain individuals, which makes me kind of sad. I dislike it when people are not happy, but thats something I have to learn to get over...
Participating in Guinan's got Talent was pretty freaking cool. I thought I was going to go into atrial fibrillation while on stage, but completing the performance felt liberating in some way. It has been a while since I performed in front of a substantial amount of people. It was also kind of like Lastra's first gig?
I also purchased more awesome 78's on Friday, one of them didn't make it. It was broken by the time I got home. The remaining three are beautiful and whenever they start playing the slight crackling and popping of the records accompanied by the nostalgic vocals make me hop around the room and twirl around in circles in momentary bliss.
Broken Social Scene on Monday night should be great.
2 am is a good time.