What is Unknown

I just saw "Hannah Montana: The Movie" trailer on disney channel, and I am bewildered. It is so weird to see the Hannah Montana cast filmed with superior cameras and outside of a studio... I don't like it. I'm not too crazy about the show anyways. Cute and campy certainly get old when you watch marathons of it with your sister.
I should get sick, everyone else is sick, I want to fit in. Why is it so warm outside? I'm really sleepy while typing this ohhh my...*yawns* There's a few things I have to remember. I have to make it a habit to pinch my nose and check if I am dreaming. If I do it on a regular basis my brain will be trained so whenever I AM dreaming, my habit will kick in and I can pinch my nose and realize I am, and then have a lucid dream. Oh the joy I will feel when I finally have one.
It'd be cool to go here
I would deviate from the tour and sit on top of stairs that lead to nowhere, then sulk about my life and how it parallels those stairs. I will open a door that leads to nowhere and think how nothing leads to certainty. Haha what a depressing rant!! In all seriousness though, I would like to go see that oddity of a house.
I love the fact that for every choice you make, there are an infinite of choices you did not make.
Broken Social scene this past monday was so good, I enjoyed every second of it. It was a longgg show. My feet felt the time, but otherwise it was amazing. I miss a boy. Well goodnight I am very very sleepy.

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