getting ready

waking up every morning at 5:50 isnt cool, its boring. i wish school started at random times and ended at random times, to cut cost, like today we can only spend, $500 on 5,000 school kids so school will only be, from 10:00am to 2:00pm you know what i mean? ok that was weird. umhm im getting ready to go to school and im not riding the bus today because im cool like that, buses are only for unpopular poor people, j/k , well im out.

i hope i have a cool day at least just a lil.
underoath was soo scary, damn they were coool.



Well this was a cool spring break, i just finished eating quiznos and came home from shopping, i got some new clothes, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, bllaaaaaahhhh.
it was great i got to see some homies. Lets see how school is tommorow, i know it aint gonna be cool, cause i dont like school, now imma go and drool. Love everyone, peace and prosperous life.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>\\*~*//LETICIA MAZARIEGOS\\*~*//<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
* *


Taking Care of Business

Im here in hannah's crib, its pretty tight. spending time with my best bud is always good. tommorow hopefully is good, AND YES, GOOD GOOD GOOD GOOD. it will be good. and ok im off to have more good times.


its been a pretty tight day, did not go to the pool with marissa :-( but i hung out with my love hannah and we hung out with gabriel or "gabe" and ashley, they're pretty cool, were gonna go to gabe's house maybe tommorow, so w/e. yea spring break so far has been fat. i like it, and hmm.... lets seee imma go watch some gay TV. yea yea, and hannah looks hot with her new hair. I STILL have to hang out with some people this week its only tuesday there is still hmm...5 days left. so i have to squeeze every bit of coolness out of them.


I got one of these

I got one of these cause i wanna be chinese. j/k that had to rhyme i guess. i think these are prettier than lj's so imma keep this one, the other one will be gone with the wind. Its black and pretty, maybe ill do something else later. but yea, if you wanna know about my day, it was ok. tonight hannah is sleeping over, then maybe and most probably were going to take a dip in marissa's pool tommorow, im sure it will be pretty cool. I'm looking foward for The Ring II this weekend. but the coolest thing this week on tv so far was the hobbits of Flores, on the National Geographic Channel, it was a really cool show, when it airs again watch it guys. It's about a little humans who lived about 12,000 years ago and might still lye undected in the indonesian forests today.