so whos the lucky lady?

Hey, hello everyone, journal. how do you do? I'm here chillin, about to go start my essay for english. Yes, finally the essays begin (eehhh). This past weekend was pretty good, our fellow Ryan Acklin turned 19! hoorayy! Saturday, sucked, sunday i shopped, monday stuff with mom, tuesday math test! got a 92, im finally excelling in math haha, i dont think ive ever gotten such high of a grade in math on a TEST. well, i am taking remedial . So a lot of the algebra 3 from last year is coming back to me. I dont have much to talk about today, but in this entry im going to test something out see if it looks good and works, a small slide show, with some good pictures of fabulous times. so hope you enjoy. adieu!


Title less

I really didnt know what title to put on this entry, so that will have to do. I haven't updated in like 9,000 yrs. I haven't had much to write about. School finally started, its really good so far, except my math class is extremely boring and everything were doing I already know, fuck standerized tests that state or "recommend" that I should be in remedial math. Went to San Antonio with my awsome friends and boyfriend.I had a lot of fun, hopefully we get to do it 6 times more. and I PROMISE i'll ride intense roller coasters next time. I just wasnt ready/i'm a chicken.seiuryghdjdj no exuses next time. I know i wont die. haha. well, then I went to schittlerbahn at galveston its small but good, theyre lazy river kicks ass, it isnt lazy at all. its got waves, and the slides are good too. But I want to go back to the one in New Braunfels that one is huge. In conclusion, i felt like if 9,000 men hit my body with clubs. I soaked in a lot of sun, walked around a lot. But it was awsome. Hopefully my parents buy a new birdie for the house, i miss having a pet. The illusionist was a great movie, go watch it, hopefully you also enjoy it.