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I really didnt know what title to put on this entry, so that will have to do. I haven't updated in like 9,000 yrs. I haven't had much to write about. School finally started, its really good so far, except my math class is extremely boring and everything were doing I already know, fuck standerized tests that state or "recommend" that I should be in remedial math. Went to San Antonio with my awsome friends and boyfriend.I had a lot of fun, hopefully we get to do it 6 times more. and I PROMISE i'll ride intense roller coasters next time. I just wasnt ready/i'm a chicken.seiuryghdjdj no exuses next time. I know i wont die. haha. well, then I went to schittlerbahn at galveston its small but good, theyre lazy river kicks ass, it isnt lazy at all. its got waves, and the slides are good too. But I want to go back to the one in New Braunfels that one is huge. In conclusion, i felt like if 9,000 men hit my body with clubs. I soaked in a lot of sun, walked around a lot. But it was awsome. Hopefully my parents buy a new birdie for the house, i miss having a pet. The illusionist was a great movie, go watch it, hopefully you also enjoy it.

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