fun, Fun, FUN

I liked today a lot. well the morning was kinda boring like always, but then kevin picked me up we went to eat, and got lost. it was awsome, going on creppy lonely roads and having no idea where your at late at night. Yea, we wasted time and gas but it was awsome. Then we picked up ryan, I wanted them to come over and we could like watch a movie or something, but naaa. my parents stink sometimes. Tommorow, I take another driving test, I hope I do good! if no I have to pay 35 bucks, which would suck. ok, im done later!



Robert is leaving tommorow morning, and it blows, a month went by so fast. :-\. hopefully i can see him soon again. I'll miss you tons!. Haha this space pirate robert drew is so happy to be alive, i wanna look like him.

But enough with the sad news, good news is, is that good things have also been going on. hopefully tommorow me and kevin<3 will go downtown. cross my fingers! and... what else. My driving skills are improving. wooo. Oh yea, i passed all the THEA sections, lol. I thought i was going to fail math miserably, but i passed it. its still pretty low though, everything else is fine. So, imma go pick my classes and stuff next week. yey!
ok well im out. night



Wooo im updating. this week has been a bit blah, with the absence of two of my best friends, im glad one of them just came back, but kevin needs to hurry up!!. The sleep over at carolina's last weekend was tight, i love her. and that freaking ice cream with waffles was delish. A scanner darkly this weekend. I dont know how im getting downtown, but im getting there, even if i have to ride the metro. I was in need of a couple of days of just sitting at home, actually i do that alot, but im usually doing things around the house. but this week i sat down and worked on illustrator cause its oh so fun. I'm also reading this tight book about how the united states modernized radically in the early 20th century. This summer has gone by so damn fast. I'll leave you with another of my lame vectors. click on it so you can see it full size. hopefully it dosent pixelate much when i load it up on here. Leave me some feedback tell me if you like it or not.

if you want to, go to my deviant. you can see it like way bigger, make sure you full view the pic. www.greengalosh.deviantart.com
so yea it's there, ahh whocares.



early morning update, well i started this update at 11:59 it was still officially morning, but now its 12:00, GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE! or more like the couple of people who read this. hey how you doing?

I took that THEA, it was ahhhh. not to bad, except i rushed thru some of it, cause i was going mad i sat there for like 4 hours. Then didnt do anything, still havent done anything this whole week. My sister turns 5, Monday, how cool, shes been around for half a decade. ahh i gotta go. i hear my parents talking about going to san antonio??. ok bye.