Robert is leaving tommorow morning, and it blows, a month went by so fast. :-\. hopefully i can see him soon again. I'll miss you tons!. Haha this space pirate robert drew is so happy to be alive, i wanna look like him.

But enough with the sad news, good news is, is that good things have also been going on. hopefully tommorow me and kevin<3 will go downtown. cross my fingers! and... what else. My driving skills are improving. wooo. Oh yea, i passed all the THEA sections, lol. I thought i was going to fail math miserably, but i passed it. its still pretty low though, everything else is fine. So, imma go pick my classes and stuff next week. yey!
ok well im out. night


  1. Letyyy,
    First of all that message you left me the other night when I was sad really cheered me up.
    I got it the next morning and it made me smile, thank you. Alot.
    I'm still not sure where I'm moving to, to answer your question since I haven't been on aim much, but I've been begging like every day to stay so hopefully I'll know soon.
    Secondly if you tell me that you and Kevin are back together then that's going to be the greatest thing that I have heard in a month.