great day

well i havent updated in a while, but ty's party this weekend was bombass. and today was fabulous. yea, mondays are normally borning and ehhh. but not this monday, me and kevin went to go out and eat, and sat in the cold and looked at the stars it was great. i need to do my damn reasearch paper, i cant wait till we start reading 1984, i heard it was sweet, its better than typing about castle life and stuff. imma go work on some stuff now. - out



I really dislike, doing homework at 1 am. even though i am more alert and feel more confident working on it in later hours of the night. but then when i wake up with throbbing headache at 6:00am, it aint so good. i dont want to do this research paper. this is a great update!!! :-\ I want a camera real bad, its a nikon d-50 its more in my price range vs. a canon eos which is like 1,200 or more. and the nikon takes amazing pics, too. real pro looking, and i want that, i need that. so i can take fantastic shots, and i need to practice, so they can be amazing fantastic pics. i want it before my birthday, i talked to my mother about it, it might go down. if it does, im going to flip. and yes... thats all. also, i dislike mr.monk, and everyone who voted for the boyz to men song to be our class song.