I really dislike, doing homework at 1 am. even though i am more alert and feel more confident working on it in later hours of the night. but then when i wake up with throbbing headache at 6:00am, it aint so good. i dont want to do this research paper. this is a great update!!! :-\ I want a camera real bad, its a nikon d-50 its more in my price range vs. a canon eos which is like 1,200 or more. and the nikon takes amazing pics, too. real pro looking, and i want that, i need that. so i can take fantastic shots, and i need to practice, so they can be amazing fantastic pics. i want it before my birthday, i talked to my mother about it, it might go down. if it does, im going to flip. and yes... thats all. also, i dislike mr.monk, and everyone who voted for the boyz to men song to be our class song.

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