so whos the lucky lady?

Hey, hello everyone, journal. how do you do? I'm here chillin, about to go start my essay for english. Yes, finally the essays begin (eehhh). This past weekend was pretty good, our fellow Ryan Acklin turned 19! hoorayy! Saturday, sucked, sunday i shopped, monday stuff with mom, tuesday math test! got a 92, im finally excelling in math haha, i dont think ive ever gotten such high of a grade in math on a TEST. well, i am taking remedial . So a lot of the algebra 3 from last year is coming back to me. I dont have much to talk about today, but in this entry im going to test something out see if it looks good and works, a small slide show, with some good pictures of fabulous times. so hope you enjoy. adieu!


  1. I see a slideshow in which i appear! wooo!

  2. I see a picture in a certain slideshow that has me in it. And, english essays make me sad.