Tonight was pretty freaking great, even though I made everyone go to the woodlands for nothing. Im really sorry everyone. I seriously saw signs of an event there, but apparently the party either never started or ended early. We went to Baileys which was fun, i like her house alot. everyones costume was pretty kickin. Kevins cane was sweet, Ryans whip was tight.and Chris was ready to kill. I have posted a couple of pics of tonight. Hope everyone else had a happy and safe halloween!


  1. It was fun.
    Kevin and Ryan had awesome costumes,
    yours was great too.

  2. Lety, you must visit me sooooon. Florida misses you.

  3. your costume kicked ass.
    i should have been pyramid head to match.

    either way halloween was sweet!!!!

    don't sweat the woodlands, atleast we got to drive!

  4. yea we got to drive in our costumes! people dont get to that everyday