I got one of these

I got one of these cause i wanna be chinese. j/k that had to rhyme i guess. i think these are prettier than lj's so imma keep this one, the other one will be gone with the wind. Its black and pretty, maybe ill do something else later. but yea, if you wanna know about my day, it was ok. tonight hannah is sleeping over, then maybe and most probably were going to take a dip in marissa's pool tommorow, im sure it will be pretty cool. I'm looking foward for The Ring II this weekend. but the coolest thing this week on tv so far was the hobbits of Flores, on the National Geographic Channel, it was a really cool show, when it airs again watch it guys. It's about a little humans who lived about 12,000 years ago and might still lye undected in the indonesian forests today.


  1. Livejournal is still way better than this crappy blogger! And my phone is better than urs! not kidding ! <3

  2. fucking hobits. lety stop. stop. :)- Marissa

  3. Leticia Leticia Leticia how dare you abandon Lj, you _____, but this indeed is way cooler, i think ill get one soon, much mocos, much dinero, adios mi amor, love always