Tread on Rocks

This past week my heart galloped incessantly like a horse going thirty seven miles an hour. The former one hundred and sixty eight hours of my life consisted of "I Don't Know/ WTF is going on/ :D/ sing sing/ drive drive". I liked it, though I feel like there is some slight hostility from certain individuals, which makes me kind of sad. I dislike it when people are not happy, but thats something I have to learn to get over...
Participating in Guinan's got Talent was pretty freaking cool. I thought I was going to go into atrial fibrillation while on stage, but completing the performance felt liberating in some way. It has been a while since I performed in front of a substantial amount of people. It was also kind of like Lastra's first gig?
I also purchased more awesome 78's on Friday, one of them didn't make it. It was broken by the time I got home. The remaining three are beautiful and whenever they start playing the slight crackling and popping of the records accompanied by the nostalgic vocals make me hop around the room and twirl around in circles in momentary bliss.
Broken Social Scene on Monday night should be great.
2 am is a good time.

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