Oatmeal Blues

I'm updating while eating bean burritos from the cafeteria, which are surprisingly kind of good!!!!!! I'm not done with all my homework. I think I'm becoming a little more like King Lear as this semester comes to an end. I am on the verge of insanity. I complain so much, but I can't help it. I must vent in someway. On a lighter note, I got in trouble in philosophy class this morning. I was finishing up my oatmeal whenever my professor began lecturing. It was going to be a quick 3 spoonfuls of nice room temperature oatmeal. I was on my second one when he said "Am I interrupting your breakfast?" I said, "no, i'm really sorry, i'm done." I guess I was. I don't know why he got so mad.People bring in drinks and shakes all the time. All of my other teachers don't mind if you bring un-noisy food, they said so in the beginning of the semester. Oatmeal makes no noise or anything. I think the slurpy noises of drinks can be equally as annoying. Well, then a girl walks in late. He asks her if she brought her breakfast with her, and she replied "no?". I felt so bad. :(. After that, my CELL PHONE rings, interrupting my teacher once more. It was the cherry on top of a good morning. I can't wait till I am on the airplane tomorrow night; escaping all this bullshit at least temporarily. *cries*


  1. oh crap thats a shitty morning. i always hate when i do stuff like that. if i was a professor i would not care if someone ate oatmeal in my class. maybe he was just having a bad day.

  2. haha aww I feel for you lety =(