It's fun to snort spray gloss. Not really, I used it in a well ventilated area, but it still wreaks and now my head hurts. I don't know why people snort that stuff for fun. Ew.
Today I worked on my art projects, hence the spray gloss. I'm working on a texture and color wheel project, which is kind of boring. I've been home all weekend and probably will stay home for the rest of it; making it one of the most boring thanksgiving breaks ever. The only good days were, Wednesday when I hung with Aneela and Joel, andddddd Black Friday. The sales were pretty good, and there were many people at the mall already at 5:30am. How ridiculous hahah that we were there at that time, but the good thing was that we were done by noon. I googled "weird gif" and got this.
I think freaky eyes are following me...


  1. i need to update this thing! i always mean to but i don't! welcome back though. :]