turkey day

Well today was alright, woke up, read for 2:30 hours, got ready for thanksgiving dinner. Dinner consisted of ham, stuffing, turkey in wine sauce (fricassee) with rice, sweet potatoes that had lemon rind and nuts, they were real good. Also, Mashed potatoes and flan. I am stuffed. Then I had to wash dishes and clean up, now I'm here. I wonder what everyone else is doing. Tomorrow we're waking up at 4:30 to get to the mall when they open, see what sales they have. Haha. Black Friday is fun. I am kind of bummed out though, we were going to go to San Antonio, but then my father decided not too. Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving.
scarrrryyyy eye,courtesy of ffffound!


  1. You had a better selection of food than me.. :'(

    Yea I'm not going to San Antonio anymore either. Just gonna sleep all day. lol

  2. oooh yum. flan! uuughhh!

    i like that eyeball. for thanksgiving i just had like... normal food. but it was great. my mom went black friday shopping. im waiting for her to wake up and ask her how it went!