this is good


one a week

I guess I'll do more detailed pieces, so one a week, instead of one a day, or twice a week. I'll just keep them coming.



look what I ffffound, it's so good

Kinda sorta

Well, as promised here is some progress of what I'm working on. It's self explanatory.



I started late for today, I do have progress, but no worthy enough to post. I have to work tomorrow from 1-6pm so hopefully i'll catch up as soon as I get back. I had to do stuff around the house. but hopefully this one turns out good!


Oh boy.

Well, here is my submission for the day.
It is titled "Hierarchy"
It was created with watercolor and ink. This piece presented a few challenges, due to my lack of art supplies. I need to buy watercolor paper and maybe a better watercolor palette. The paper started to disintegrate because it couldn't withstand all the water I saturated it with, but it survived. I think I will vector it soon. I was thinking about how awesome lions are, and what if they were super tame and cute. A con to that idea is that their awesomeness would be no more, because then they could be bossed around and they wouldn't symbolize what they do; power, strength, etc. That's why I put that little boy in there and he's also carrying a baby alligator. I dreamt about baby alligators last night. Haha. Well, Thanks and goodnight. If you want to see a bigger version, go to my flickr. The link is under GOOD LINKS. :D!


Inspired by Cody's song a day endeavor, I have decided to embark on an artistic journey. I will create one piece of "Art" everyday, and it will be loaded on my flickr, here and deviant. No matter how crappy it is. I will explain what inspired me and what media it was created with. Of course, I doubt they will be super elaborate since I only have a few hours to make each one, or maybe if I do decide to work on one for more than a day, I will post my progress.

This one is titled: Crappy Pandas.
Why? Cause they are kind of crappy, but its ok, they are colorful happy pandas so that downplays their crappiness.
Media: Watercolor, Ink.
What inspired me was, I was playing around with my watercolors and started with the abstract background. I added the pandas because they are cute and they would complement the abstract background with their representational nature.
Alright. I hope you like it. If you have feedback, comment please. Thank you and goodnight.