Inspired by Cody's song a day endeavor, I have decided to embark on an artistic journey. I will create one piece of "Art" everyday, and it will be loaded on my flickr, here and deviant. No matter how crappy it is. I will explain what inspired me and what media it was created with. Of course, I doubt they will be super elaborate since I only have a few hours to make each one, or maybe if I do decide to work on one for more than a day, I will post my progress.

This one is titled: Crappy Pandas.
Why? Cause they are kind of crappy, but its ok, they are colorful happy pandas so that downplays their crappiness.
Media: Watercolor, Ink.
What inspired me was, I was playing around with my watercolors and started with the abstract background. I added the pandas because they are cute and they would complement the abstract background with their representational nature.
Alright. I hope you like it. If you have feedback, comment please. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. I loooove this! the colors are really nice and I like your idea about posting artwork everyday! I was gonna try that but I dont have a scanner or good cam =(

    btw this is aneela

  2. You know, the black-eyed Chinese people that eat sticks!