Oh boy.

Well, here is my submission for the day.
It is titled "Hierarchy"
It was created with watercolor and ink. This piece presented a few challenges, due to my lack of art supplies. I need to buy watercolor paper and maybe a better watercolor palette. The paper started to disintegrate because it couldn't withstand all the water I saturated it with, but it survived. I think I will vector it soon. I was thinking about how awesome lions are, and what if they were super tame and cute. A con to that idea is that their awesomeness would be no more, because then they could be bossed around and they wouldn't symbolize what they do; power, strength, etc. That's why I put that little boy in there and he's also carrying a baby alligator. I dreamt about baby alligators last night. Haha. Well, Thanks and goodnight. If you want to see a bigger version, go to my flickr. The link is under GOOD LINKS. :D!

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