The Sneak!

School started already and so far its been alright. I'm disappointed that I didn't have any of my art classes this week, they don't start till next week. I did have Ethics, and I'm sure it's going to be a very interesting class. Im not looking forward to my communications class, although I'm not extremely shy I seem to have a problem with talking in general. I always pronounce things wrong, I cant convey my ideas properly most of the time, I forget everything... and the list can go on.
Being back in Guinan is cool too. I think I'm starting to like being in my room by myself just chillin'. Though I also like being with everyone here, haha the first two days I was hanging non stop with everyone. Hopefully I wasn't annoying, though I feel like I probably was. I shouldn't fret, I guess.
Tails beak broke. My sister gave her a cracker and supposedly it got stuck in her beak and then a part of her lower beak broke off. I'm really worried. Hopefully she can still eat alright. She eats soo many seeds, breaking them now might pose a challenge for poor Tails :(. I wish I can bring her here with me, but she'd probably be way too noisy.
On a lighter note, I found an awesome record, Bing Crosby singing Happy Birthday!, I mean come on, freaking Bing singing me a happy birthday and it isn't your typical short happy birthday song, its the longest happy birthday song ever!
I have to wake up at 8:00, blarghhh. K,
I'll leave you guys with a pic of my wonderful and dirrrrtyyy backside.

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