Not Quite Insomnia

It's interesting how the brain works (at least the reasoning section of mine). I always end up doing the stupidest things sometimes, though I try to do the exact opposite, my brain seems to deliberately choose the stupid route. I don't know how I get from point A to point B most of the time, and when I do concentrate things seem to always go wrong. Today was especially funny, while driving on the way to my friends house I remembered that my friend had previously missed turning on the correct street. I thought "haha, that turn is tricky, I'm not going to miss it, how can I miss it?! haha." What do I do? I drive right past it and keep driving for a while, when I realize DAMN I missed the turn!. I never think about it, I never miss it, but today when I was thinking about it, I miss it. Situations like that happen a bit too often for me. - Lety Don't, Lety Does!
I went To Chuck E' Cheese today after a nine year hiatus and realized what a delightful rip-off it is. It is a wonderful place regardless, with it's exiting array of endless games and where a slimy 7" rubber lizard is definitely worth 300 tickets. I wish I was a kid again sometimes, as you get older things start to lose their luster. :-(. I want the haunted mansion to be scary again, and I want the funhouse to be fun again!!! We'll oh we'll I must stop typing, I have to sleep.

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