man, i havent updated in a while. i always forget on updating. but whatever. everything's been pretty chill. my spring break plans changed like 857576 times, and i was pisssed, but finally im going to guatemala, i guess thats ok, im looking forward to seeing my family, i havent been there in 3 years. although, i really wanted to go to chicago, and the grand canyon was a cool idea too. but, what can you do? parents make the plans. im going to miss everyone, cause im leaving allll spring break. i have to miss monday off from school too. schittlerbaun in galveston is opening, and thats badass, its gonna be sweet. hopefully we can go soon. i heard about going the weeknd after spring break? i dont know. hopefully that happens. i changed my blogger layout again. haha, i always do. well, i g2g. -out


  1. i'm sure going to miss you. i'm at home right now. geeeese your going to be gone 9 days. it's going to be like me when i went to new york. i'll find someway to manage. :[

  2. i might die for 9 days ill miss you