spring break

it turned out to be way better than i thought it would be.i had a lot of fun. but i missed everyone here, it was only 9 days not a big deal, but it seemed like forever. i did some cool stuff over there, like go to xela, went to the archeology, and etmology museum, it was really cool, got to see real old mayan people skeletons, and how they used to carve their teeth into shapes, artifacts, murals, tools, jade jewelry they used to make. it was real neat, also the art museum, real pretty. it wasnt that big, but it had some real cool stuff. well... thats all i did. the flight back was exciting, a bumpy ride. i hope everyone elses spring break was bombass too.
kevin i love you!. -later


  1. Hello lety I haven't talked to you inforever i love you call me im me do something to me bye <3

  2. how come i always try and leave comments and it never goes through this is try 3! i love you

  3. lettttttty. i made a new journal now. click the linkkkkk. love.

  4. shit forget it heres the link: