well its been gay

My weekend started off me being a nurse, im taking care of my mom, because my grama dosent know how to drain the drain, or give her the right medication, so i have to do all of that, and my dad is working so yea. and lets see, i cant go out or anything, because im a nurse, and hannah woke me up today that was cool, there still about 10 hours left till the day ends, i wonder what else i have to do around the house, and i made this gay thing last night, i drew the panda and photoshoped it, and photoshoped the rest, i didnt spend much time on it so its crappy im just posting it cause its funny how the panda kills the evil me on the left, or maybe not funny its just cool or whatever

lil teec


  1. i really hope your mom gets better soon. your a little nurse lety, that's too cute. =)

    and that panda collage is aweosme.