well its been gay part II

Being troubled with your best friend isn't such a delight, i was filled with anger and sadness, not so cool. but oh well. Everything is back together again. i'm upating after my birthday, yes yes im 17 now. the joy of being able to watch R movies is intense. Now my life will turn R and i will never ever be the same. I will do what R people do, KILL, at night during the day, almost everyday. so watch out. I love my girlfriend marissa. and hmmm... I havent worked on photoshop for the past 2 days... i need it. I need pictures. Life SWIRLS.



  1. Yea the whole thing with me and you sucked alot of balls. Im sorry again, and im glad were better.

    "Best friend Means I Pull the Trigger
    Best Friend Means you get what you deserve"
    Yea so i'll prolly have that stuck in my head tonight at work. Lol.
    But your R now.
    Crazy i shall soon join you.
    We can be R&R together.

    HOT and Steamy.
    well i love you and im glad were better.


  2. well i'm only 16 and i live a R lifestyle, so i'm better than you. =)

    and i'am your girlfriend, when are we going to go out for a night on the town?