There is a rumbly in my tummy.

Change: Modify,Transfigure, Reorder, Adjust, Transform.

It's a bit difficult to fathom how we are so accustomed to everything in our life even though change is present everyday and things can change drastically in a matter of seconds. I expect tomorrow to be just a normal day. That is far from the case. Try to notice everything, you'll notice things that may seem insignificant are a step towards something grand or detrimental. Tommorow will be vastly different from today, as Heraclitus said "The only constant is change."
My father is suffering from Bell's Palsy, talk about sudden change. He's really bummed out about it. He told me in a despondent tone "It's not easy to wake up and see that half of your face is crooked and paralyzed." What irks him more is that it's another facial imperfection he has to deal with on top of his existing port wine birthmark that covers the left side of his face. I'm trying to cheer him up (probably failing at it) by helping him with chores around the house and such. I hate seeing him so sad. On a good note his prognosis is positive, 70% of people affected with bell's recover fully. Hopefully he will regain movement in his face soon.

My first day at work was on monday and so far it seems alright, I need to learn how to deal with customers more. I feel it a bit shaky in that area. I will get used to it, and hopefully i'll be an exemplary and efficient associate! not... I don't want to be allllll about Banana Republic like my manager Kim seems to be. I will try not to become a prisoner of how many Banana cards I sold in a day and how many people I convinced to buy hideous burgundy pants that "look good" on them, j/k I'm not that mean.
I do like my employee discount, they hooked me there!
Here I go.