I need a damn bomb to wake me up every fucking morning, i never hear my damn alarm clock. I slept in today, i woke up and was like SHIT! it was 7:30 or w.e, there was no time. I called ty, he didnt answer his phone, i had to call in, and say no school for me today, but i couldn't. So, i kept sleeping. and, im here bored. i got to go out now with my parents and we have to go pick up amy and stuff. freakin' sweet. i should have gone to school. i miss you.



i need to feel pumped, lately ive had zero energy, and on weekends especially, its dumb, i think imma load up on coffee and carbs. so i can blaze. i dont know whats going on tonight, hopefully something, thats if i can go out. i need to get the battery for my camera i need it, i miss taking pictures. i should dance, maybe ill feel a bit better.


church nuts

today was eehh, i stayed home, i didnt like it, i shouldnt have taken that extremely hot shower, it was so hot i was going to pass out, and i still felt tired and gross like 2 hours after it, i guess my blood pressure went up or something, it was bad. i cleaned up my deviant, i got rid of some deviations i wasnt fond of. tommorow is fugitive, its going to be badass. i hope the morning hours of sunday go by fast. i updated this, because kevin told me to, and kevin is freaking amazing, so im doing it, even if today hasnt been such an eventful day. oh! i failed my algebra test, with a 68 when i thought i knew the material really well, isnt that sad?! but oh well. and pizza hut takes unbelievably long to deliver its pizza's. im out.


nobody move

I changed my layout, but i wanna find a cooler pic, something city like. but the pic you see above is a autochrome, which are color pictures from the early 1900's. their nice. you get to see all their pretty dresses in color and stuff, none of the tinted crap. i have more of these, theyre pretty amazing. if you want to comment you have to click, on the journal title, and were it says name (required) i thought you had to be like a blogger member but no, so you can put w.e on there. in other news, ryan acklin is bombass with beats and chris is tight at flowin'. they're some cool kids.
its kinda early, i wonder what's going on for today.


Long gone

i thought this journal was forever lost, but i restored it, and i still have my old posts on here, i havent updated this in a long time, i saw it and i go, "yes i need to make it all better again", cause it looked like

%%monlong%% %%dth%%, %%yyyy%% <=LASTN_DATE_FORMAT

and it was weird. but now my blog is back.
if you want to read it go ahead, comment, go ahead. if you dont give a fuck, and you are still reading this, go ahead.

atascocita is full of dickheads that steal shit, they stole my moms purse and she had stuff in there that was worth more that 300 bucks plus her credit cards, its damn nice. some person turned in the purse at the police station, they had found it thrown in a gutter, by wilson rd.

so be careful with your purses everyone. if you leave it unattended even while in the car, beware.

well, 2005 was a sweet year, every year is good cause your alive, and life's good no matter what obstacles its brings. hopefully 06' i'll get to accomplish new and amazing things like driving downtown by myself, and pass chemistry so i can graduate.

i miss kevin in alegbra.
i like kevin