church nuts

today was eehh, i stayed home, i didnt like it, i shouldnt have taken that extremely hot shower, it was so hot i was going to pass out, and i still felt tired and gross like 2 hours after it, i guess my blood pressure went up or something, it was bad. i cleaned up my deviant, i got rid of some deviations i wasnt fond of. tommorow is fugitive, its going to be badass. i hope the morning hours of sunday go by fast. i updated this, because kevin told me to, and kevin is freaking amazing, so im doing it, even if today hasnt been such an eventful day. oh! i failed my algebra test, with a 68 when i thought i knew the material really well, isnt that sad?! but oh well. and pizza hut takes unbelievably long to deliver its pizza's. im out.


  1. they took like 7384734 hours to get to your house. FUCK PIZZA HUT. your layout is bombass too by the way.