Life on Mars can be created

Maybe Global Warming is killing our planet slowly, with super hurricanes, dissapearing coastlines, and extinction of animals, but according to this interesting article i found on globalwarming.org, were loosing our planet, why not create another habitable one?

according to the American Geophysical Union

Injecting synthetic "super" greenhouse gases into the Martian atmosphere could raise the planet's temperature enough to melt its polar ice caps and create conditions suitable for sustaining biological life. In fact, a team of researchers suggests that introducing global warming on the Red Planet may be the best approach for warming the planet's frozen landscape and turning it into a habitable world in the future.
This can help us understand evolution even more, and the ability to adapt to other worlds.
Imagine the red planet not being red anymore? pretty cool.

The researchers anticipate that adding approximately 300 parts per million of the gas mixture(octafluoropropane)in the current Martian atmosphere, which is the equivalent of nearly two parts per million in an Earth- like atmosphere, would spark a runaway greenhouse effect, creating an instability in the polar ice sheets that would slowly evaporate the frozen carbon dioxide on the planet's surface. They add that the release of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide would lead to further melting and global temperature increases that could then enhance atmospheric pressure and eventually restore a thicker atmosphere to the planet.

Such a process could take centuries or even millennia to complete but, because the raw materials for the fluorine gases already exist on Mars, it is possible that astronauts could create them on a manned mission to the planet. It would otherwise be impossible to deliver gigaton-sized quantities of the gas to Mars.

Well, we wont be around to see mars being habitable, but our future generations can even live on it. If the human race can hang on for another 1,000 years, were set.

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