Well easter isnt really a holiday, at least for me, i even forgot it was easter. My parents always say, were going to church on easter and say they are for like a week, and when the day comes, they dont. It's like that every year. kinda sad. Saw, Scary movie 4, it was real funny. I heard Ty's party was pretty freaking cool, i wish i could have attended.I chilled at ty's house and left before he even got to his house. Today, i ate a good and healthier than most days breakfast. people do want to know this. I also went on a mission to find a nice field full of bluebonnets, we drove west on 290 to brenham. I was beginning to feel dissapointed because i didnt see any, so we then drove east to Navasota, and got on 105 east. Go there if you wanna see nice fields of bluebonnets. This was my first time admiring Texas wildflowers, they're real pretty. I know i can see flowers in Atasca woods, but these are uncared for by humans, those blubonnets were in natures care, and they were thriving.I enjoyed seeing them. Then we came back home and I saw Rear Window, it was an awsome movie. I have nothing more to type about. This school week is going to be good.

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